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  • The New Recruits : The Australian Village People Trivia & Party Experience

The New Recruits : The Australian Village People Trivia & Party Experience

The New Recruits : The Australian Village People Trivia & Party Experience

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Contact: Steve Clogstoun

Melbourne Victoria

0427 185 185
0427 185 185

An interactive experience for all ages including trivia, karaoke and live music...with a tribute to the Village People

General info

There are many options that you have to choose from to make your night a fantastic, energy filled experience for all your guests

70's and 80's Blankety Blanks and Trivia Night : Based on the show made famous by Graham Kennedy, Jay will be your host and take your family and friends through a night of laughs. Again we ask that you are involved so the questions could have some of your friends names in there.

Interactive Trivia and Music Quiz : All guests will be able to participate in our trivia by just having a mobile phone. We have various trivia questions that is full accessible and controlled by the host. We have various subject areas such as movies and music.

​Guess that song : A popular choice by many of our clients. Guessing that riff, singing the next line are just a few ways that this game can go. The songs are always well known, so whether its a popular group dance like the nut bush or a power rock song like Sweet Child o mine, the crowd always gets involved with some singing and dancing.....

​Other smaller activities : In some cases you party just needs some light hearted fun to break up the night and we have a few games that we can play with you and your guests that guarantees a few laughs. Games such as Word Association and Get to know the host are two of our more popular choices. Please ask for a full rundown on how these games work when you contact us.

​Another favourite request is when we ask people to do their own awards night. This is a funny take on the Logies or Emmy's where you can make up your own award for one of your friends. Jay will present these on the night and it always brings plenty of laughs to the table

Our shows are unique in the way in that we make you and your friends part of the show...yes you will become one of the Village People for the night 

Live music at the start of the night while you settle in and a live performance by the "New Recruits" through the night.

​Karaoke and Lip Sync battle section where Jay will host and conduct a segment so people can be rock stars for one night

Night will finish off with some dancing to classic 70's and 80's and we will be happy to do as many photos with your guests as we possibly can




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